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The Industrial Influent Water Systems Seminar is a practical course with case histories and trouble-shooting guidelines. The Seminar teaches plant personnel the most effective ways to operate their systems, simplifies troubleshooting and prevents outages.  The course discusses the following Major Unit Operations:

 · Raw Water Clarification

 · Decarbonators and Degasifiers

 · Greensand Filtration

 · Cold Lime Softening

 · Gravity and Pressure Filtration

 · Sodium Zeolite Softening

 · Reverse Osmosis

 · Demineralization

MarTech Systems, Inc. and Stratus Engineering, Inc. are offering this 2-day seminar on the chemistry and operating philosophy of influent water systems including hydraulic analysis, risk assessment and operator surveillance.

Who should attend:

 · Technical Services

 · Shift Supervisors

 · Project & Process Engineers

 · Operators

 · Inspectors

 · Utilities Engineers & Managers


 · Fundamentals of Influent Water Systems

 · Industrial Guidelines and Standards

 · Risk Assessment & Risk Management

 · Hydraulic Analysis

 · Analytical Data Interpretation

 · Chemical Treatment

 · Operations Boot Camp

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