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Conceptualization & Process Study - Stratus defines scopes and project options for both grassroots and revamp projects.

Process Simulation & Design - We specialize in process simulation and design of refinery and chemical processing units. Much of our work typically centers around defining processing options for improvements.

Troubleshooting & Plant Support - We supply the on-site effort necessary to help alleviate problems. Our engineers have worked in plants for extended periods of time providing unit support and turnaround planning. We supply operators as needed.

Economic Analysis - As an outgrowth of our process study and simulation efforts, economic analyses of options and opportunities are often performed.

Process Control - As part of process design, or as a separate unit review, process control is an integral part of our service.

Project Management - We provide project management for efforts ranging from small revamps to multi-million dollar installations.

Equipment Specifications - We provide engineering specifications for equipment including reactors, towers and internals, compressors, pumps, exchangers, heaters, drums and instruments.

Hydraulic Analysis - Simplified or rigorous hydraulic analysis and design are part of virtually all the work we do.

Cost Estimating - We prepare cost estimates of different accuracies depending on the study or project requirements.

Procurement- Stratus engineers can specify equipment and follow through with procurement which allows for better vendor and equipment selection.

Scheduling - We schedule our work and projects to meet deadlines and control costs.

Turnaround Scheduling & Support - Stratus provides engineering support for peak loads such as turnarounds. We schedule turnarounds both in conjunction with and independent of our firm's engineering involvement.

Training - Stratus provides Training ranging from basic principles to detailed unit operations.

Software Design & Information Systems - Our engineers are available for custom software or information system design. We build real-time information systems for unit and cost monitoring. We develop and market our own software products including Process Engineering ToolS®.

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